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Lock-on to targets fast using Pistol Laser Sights

Pistol laser sights are by far the best sighting system to lock-on to targets fast, especially targets that move. Traditional sights on pistols and handguns just cannot compete with the speed and precision of laser sights.
Pistol laser sights give you the ability to simply point and shoot. When you consider that most pistol or handgun shooting is done at close range (less than 30 yards) it makes sense to adopt laser sights.
It makes even more sense to use laser sights on your pistol when there is little or no light. Its impossible to shoot a pistol with some degree of accuracy when light is fading fast. Your eyes strain to hold the right sight picture and keep a lock-on the target under such conditions. Not so with pistol laser sights. Simply point and shoot.
Pistol laser sights add virtually no bulk and weight to the pistol/handgun. Laser sights on your pistol are usually activated by pressing a switch attached to the grip of the pistol. This is the ideal setup because the laser sights are on only when you are ready to shoot.
If the majority of your pistol shooting is carried out in low-light conditions, you can't go wrong by adding laser sights to your trusty pistol/handgun.
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