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Laser Bore Sights do more than just align your gun's bore/scope

The fastest way to align a scope with the bore of any gun is by using laser bore sights.
Why bother using laser bore sights? Because they help align the scope with the bore so that your first shot is somewhere on target at 50 yards (for initial sighting-in). You could do the process manually, firing dozens of rounds until the bullet strikes somewhere on the target, but why bother when a simple laser bore sighting device can do it for you.
Here is how laser bore sights work:

  1. You insert the laser device into the chamber of your gun or at the end of the muzzle (depending which laser bore sighter you purchased).
  2. You peer through the scope and locate the laser dot on the target
  3. You adjust the scope's elevation and windage until the reticle's center is aligned with the laser dot
  4. Remove the laser bore sighter and fire a shot at the target and make final adjustments if necessary - its that simple!

That is not the only benefit of laser bore sights. Lets say your rifle is zeroed and ready for hunting. The journey to your favorite hunting area is a bumpy ride. You want to check your gun's zero without firing a shot. But how? Laser bore sights. If the scope is out, the laser dot won't be aligned with the scope's reticle - you can check this by aiming at a tree 25 yards away. Any small errors here means you have a problem with your gun's zero.
Most laser bore sights are the size of a 30-06 shell, so its easy to carry one with you in the field.
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